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The following are excerpts from a ©GreenMedInfo article that provided the key to my surviving a terminal, stage 4, metastatic melanoma diagnosis and which are relevant to ALL types of cancer:

“The most deadly cell type within a tumor or blood cancer, known as cancer stem cells (CSCs), has the ability to give rise to all the cell types found within that cancer.”

“This means CSCs are tumorigenic (tumor-forming) and should be a primary target of cancer treatment because they are capable of both initiating and sustaining cancer. They are also increasingly recognized to be the cause of relapse and metastasis following conventional treatment.”

“CSCs are exceptionally resistant to conventional treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery).”

“The reality is that chemotherapy, even though it may have reduced the tumor volume, has actually made the cancer more malignant by increasing the ratio of CSCs to benign daughter cells.”

“Radiotherapy has also been shown to increase cancer stem cells in the prostate, ultimately resulting in cancer recurrence and a worsened prognosis.”

“Certain natural compounds have been shown to exhibit three properties that make them suitable alternatives to conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy; 1.) high margin of safety, 2.) selective cytotoxicity and 3.) CSCs targeting.”

“The primary reason why these substances are not used in conventional treatment is because they are not patentable, nor profitable. Sadly, the criteria for drug selection are not safety, effectiveness, accessibility and affordability. If this were so, natural compounds would form an integral part of the standard of care in modern cancer treatment.”

For a look at what kills CSCs and leads to complete remission, go to the full ©GreenMedInfo article Here and visit the “Resources For Healing” section of the non-profit Holistic Cancer Care Foundation Here.

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