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Why did this happen?
A holistic, epigenetic approach, led to complete remission.

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Welcome to the trailer of an important upcoming podcast that documents Bob Milligan’s complete recovery from stage 4, metastatic melanoma using a holistic treatment protocol. Holistic Medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person — body, mind, spirit, and emotions — in the quest for optimal health and wellness. This approach is tremendously empowering for those touched by cancer in that it puts the prevention, treatment, and cure in patients’ hands. A cancer diagnosis is no longer an inevitable death sentence!

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The Platinum Seal has been awarded to the Holistic Cancer Care Foundation by GuideStar for 2024. It is the top rating given by Candid and awarded only to those non-profits displaying the highest level of transparency with financial reports, board governance, and community engagement. This seal reveals our diligence in maintaining up-to-date data honestly and with integrity.

Our Mission

The Holistic Cancer Care Foundation has been established to educate patients, their caregivers, family and friends on the holistic prevention, treatment, and cure of cancer through an epigenetic approach, which includes all aspects of a patient’s health; mind, body, spirit, and emotions, and utilizes all treatment modalities, both conventional and alternative.

Epigenetics is an emerging science that has shown 95% of cancers to be the result of environmental factors, not genes. Briefly, those environmental factors include stress, exercise, nutrition, exposure to toxins, sleep, spirituality, relationships and trauma, among others. This is an incredibly empowering concept in that it puts the power of the management of the disease directly in the hands of the patient. It also means far less reliance on the excessively expensive pharmaceutical approaches to managing the disease through the current standards of care.

HCCF has been established to formally and broadly spread the word that this relatively new approach to cancer is both scientifically credible and significantly more effective than the current standard of care. This website contains several resources which will help educate you on this approach, which continues to be suppressed by the enormous economic interests within the cancer industry despite substantially improved patient outcomes and quality of life.
You can play a significant role in helping us get this message out by sharing the website with your personal network and by considering a donation. Thank you!


I am acutely aware of the power of this approach to cancer as it allowed me to beat a terminal cancer diagnosis in late 2019. Without going into great detail, I was given only a few months to live as a result of advanced stage 4, metastatic melanoma. At the time, my PET Scan showed tumors in most of my organs and several large ones visible under my skin. The tumors broke two bones in my back, and I was losing the ability to walk. The reality of my situation compelled me to take a very deep dive into everything about cancer. Bottom line, using a holistic approach and several conventional and alternative treatments, I was cancer-free by the middle of 2020 and am healthier today than ever. Since then, I have continued my research into cancer and have been able to help several friends with dire prognoses survive and thrive. The satisfaction of seeing someone diagnosed with cancer move from a place of anxiety, fear, and dread to one of clinically and scientifically supported hope is indescribable.

—- Bob Milligan, Founder

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