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Kill Cancer Stem Cells!

The key to a truly effective anti-cancer disease protocol is its ability to clear a patient of those insidious cancer stem cells.  The current big three of the “standards of care”, chemo, radiation and surgery, do not effectively address these circulating stem cells and, as a result, the cancer typically comes back at some point down the road in a more aggressive form.  Below is the link to an insightful resource from Dr. Jockers on the foods you can incorporate as part of your treatment plan that effectively deal with this critical aspect of cancer.


Intermittent Fasting & Cancer

Probably the most effective and inexpensive way to improve your health and minimize the likelihood of developing a chronic disease, including cancer, is fasting/feasting.  The clinical benefits are almost too good to be true, but there seems to be an associated mental hurdle which is difficult for many individuals to overcome.  We have evolved to have food readily available most all the time and have become grazers.  The thought of going for any extended period of time without food is difficult to accept, but once you ease into it, the regimen is a breeze and the benefits become obvious.  Not many cost-free health alternatives can claim to support fat burning and weight loss, regulate blood sugar levels, control cholesterol and triglyceride levels, reduce the risk of coronary disease, increase lean muscle mass, stimulate human growth hormones, activate stem cell production, reduce the risk of cancer and enhance autophagy, a critical immune function, all at the same time.

For a complete tutorial on fasting, click on the link below:





Ivermectin, Mebendazole, Fenbendazole

There has been an increasing focus on these anti-parasitic drugs as possible effective treatment protocols for cancer.  In this video, Dr. Kathleen Ruddy, a cancer surgeon, researcher and author, shares her experience with Ivermectin in the treatment of advanced stage cancers.  It is a riveting discourse on her early exposure to a number of patients who had seemingly miraculous recoveries from various stage 4 cancers and a bit of an indictment of our existing medical system’s apparent lack of interest and support for these off-label treatments.  Click the link below for the presentation:

The Surprising Potential of Ivermectin Against Cancer: Dr. Kathleen Ruddy | EpochTV (


Cerebral Palsy and Cancer

Our friends at The Cerebral Palsy Guide asked us to share some critical information on the link between cerebral palsy (“CP”) and cancer.  It appears that those who suffer with CP have a 64 times likelihood of developing cancer.  Please check out the article below and help advance their mission:

Cerebral Palsy and Cancer | Find Help for Your Child Now (

Anti-Cancer Diet

Dr. Michael Greger, the author of the best-selling book “How Not To Die”, was instrumental in both my recovery from stage 4, metastatic melanoma and my continued good health.  In this video, he explores the dramatic effects different nutritional strategies can have on cancer.  He confirms that 95% of cancers are caused by lifestyle and environmental choices and points to nutrition as having a whopping 35% effect on the prevention and cure of cancer.  Enjoy!

12 Amazing Foods That Prevent And Kill Cancer

The video below presents a collection of various foods that I have continually run across during my extensive research into cancer as being both preventive and curative.  I agree wholeheartedly with the list, with the exception of fatty fish.  I agree with the effect Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish have on cancer, but there are other risks with eating fish that I believe far outweigh the benefit.  In fact, fish get their Omega-3 from algae, so why not go directly to the source instead of exposing yourself to the risks associated with fish as an unnecessary intermediary?  There are vegan Omega-3 supplements that produce the important anti-cancer benefits, but without having to eat fish.   Click the link below:

12 Amazing Foods That Prevent And Kill Cancer – YouTube

How To Kill Cancer Stem Cells

Cancer stem cells are the Mother cells of all cancer and are responsible for giving birth to any new tumor-forming cancer cells in the body.  Unfortunately, the current standards of care within the established cancer healthcare community (radiation, surgery and chemotherapy) do not effectively deal with cancer stem cells and is the reason why most patients treated with these protocols will develop an even more aggressive cancer down the road.

In this video from the Beljanski Foundation, a combination of natural plant extracts demonstrates effective and impressive results in eliminating cancer stem cells. Click the link below:

These Plants Are Wiping Out Cancer Stem Cells! (

How To Starve Cancer

Please find two video presentations by recognized experts on exactly how to starve cancer cells.  Dr. William Lee, author of Eat To Beat Disease, and Jane McLelland, author of How To Starve Cancer.  Their presentations are directly in line with the holistic, epigenetic approach to recovering from any type of cancer.

Cutting-Edge Cancer Breakthroughs— Straight from Nature

The Holistic Approach – Dr. Isaac Eliaz