60's Music

Music & Cancer

I am delighted to share with you a clinically and science-based boost to the mind/body connection relating to cancer.  I have shared other articles about the power of the mind in the healing process and how important it is to limit chronic stress, which leads to chronic inflammation, which can lead to cancer.  Much to my delight and probably intuitive for each one of you is the impact music can have on your mental and emotional state.  Music has the power to transport you to some of the most precious moments of your life and in doing so, there is a direct positive physiological effect on your immune system and your ability to enjoy good health.

A PubMed meta-analysis of 97 separate independent studies revealed that music interventions had statistically significant effects in decreasing pain.  The conclusion of this meta-analysis was: “Considering all the possible benefits, music interventions may provide an effective complementary approach for the relief of acute, procedural, and cancer/chronic pain in the medical setting.”

A separate independent study’s conclusion on just the effect music has on cancer care was: “Overall, combining music-based interventions and standard care seems to be more effective than standard care to reduce cancer-related pain, fatigue, and distress.”

These studies also point out that actively choosing music that stirs positive emotions within you has a greater positive impact on your health than just passively listening to anything.  For me, listening to the greatest hits of the 60’s is transcendent, and I now have reason to listen more often!

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